Light of Liberty


Light of Liberty, by Jon McNaughton
(The sequel to “Crossing the Swamp.” )
In the misty shallows of the National Mall, 
A figure of solitude riding tall and sure. 
For a time as this there is the clarion call, 
To remember from whence we came. 
For a country divided against itself, 
Cannot endure the pains of reproach. 
It requires more than enough marching, 
And more than our votes can procure. 
Many of us feel alone, 
Battling against an enemy of darkness. 
A system of lies and deceit, 
That leaves no room for hope. 
But, I remember the stories of this nation, 
In a war of impossible odds. 
The Founders stood against tyranny, 
And freedom was their legacy. 
And where will we go from here, 
As the vermin descend upon us? 
Will we give up so soon? 
Will we bend to their lying words? 
America, rise up! 
Hear the clarion call! 
Raise your light up for all to see, 
And gather together in strength. 
The Light of Liberty is our cause. 
A legacy of hope is our rock, 
For God shall be with us, 
And we shall not fail. 
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