Spirit of 2024


“Spirit of 2024” by Jon McNaughton

An interpretation of the famous painting titled “Spirit of ‘76” by Archibald Willard, painted in 1876.


I hear the beat of the drums.

I hear the cheer of the crowds.

Marching forward in step,

The saving of America.


I hear the voice of Liberty.

I hear the mighty rush of truth.

The will of the people

Shall be heard at last.


Gather your wise.

Stand up you patriots.

Every color and kind,

Judge them by their hearts.


With purpose we march.

With peace and love we remember

That America is good,

And shall not be torn.


We know what is coming,

For it is knocking at the door,

The legacy of Donald J. Trump,

And the “Spirit of 2024.”


Figures from left to right: Candace Owens, President Trump, Dinesh D’Souza, the artist

Below: Sleepy Joe Biden

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