Politically Incorrect



“Politically Incorrect” by Jon McNaughton
Out on the gun range he stood,
The embodiment of a man.
He was neither black nor white,
A proud American.
He held a firearm of choice.
It was his right to own,
and was trained to use it skillfully,
For defenses unbeknown.
The American Dream is real.
Though ideologies clash.
He wore a red MAGA hat,
And a Martin Luther King mustache.
Who tells you what to think,
Or how to raise your voice,
Republican or Democrat,
Choose life, or be pro-choice?
You see - ALL Lives Matter,
And you cannot favor race,
The Constitution is colorblind,
Wokeness - a disgrace!
There is an absolute truth
Bigoted leftists always forget:
You cannot censure people,
Or the politically incorrect.
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