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Trick or Treat - 16x20 Giclee Canvas Print, Signed and Numbered Edition (200)

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    The scariest Halloween painting of all time. Have you seen? Did it make you laugh or make you scream?
    From left to right: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jerry Nadler
    “Trick or Treat” by Jon McNaughton
    The Scariest Halloween painting of all time.
    Have you seen?
    Did it make you laugh
    or make you scream?
    A haunted building for the Acussator
    Was once a place of great rapport.
    Fenced from within and now from without,
    We have no idea what they’re talking about.
    The mummy of this ghoulish troupe
    Fills his bucket with treats and goop.
    Follow his lead and ask for treats,
    But his tricks are filled with painful deceits.
    She holds the keys that were once procured,
    The potions and spells that have occurred.
    And in the future she may announce
    A coveted chair in the People’s House.
    The rat eats the leftovers in the grass
    From the peculiar parties of the past.
    Their crimson shoes
    Hiding in the nyloplast.
    Then from the city that never sleeps
    He finds a way to spin his gore.
    Because politics is his life pursuit,
    And less is less and more is more.
    Shall we hail the queen of darkness,
    The Witchiest of the West?
    She stirs with her power to coalesce
    And place the country under House Arrest.
    There is a ghost that walks amongst them.
    He hangs like an elf on a shelf.
    But if you think he’s dead, just remember,
    He did not kill himself.              
    They say he’s slick as a willie
    And a heart full of rot.
    “Did I do that to them?
    I never - of course not!”
    That’s not the devil, He’s not even bad.
    His policies are just the launching pad.
    To fundamentally change a country that’s blessed,
    For more crime, division, and social unrest.
    Who’s this that runs the committees?
    He’s protecting the dirty nitty-gritties.
    Not a single Republican he won’t eschew.
    He’ll suck the blood right out of you!
    Remember, there is no justice when laws are ignored.
    Here lies the truth across the board
    That when free speech shall “Rest in Peace,”
    Evil wins and good retreats!
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