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Via Dolorosa 10x15 OE - Litho Print

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    What is the meaning of this painting? This painting has over 100 figures, both good and bad, men and women that have left their footprint on Christianity. The man in the middle represents the modern Christian…a man who must decide whether or not he will stand up for his Christian beliefs. Many are shouting out to tell him what to do. He raises his hand to say, “Be silent, for I know that Jesus is the Christ!” He touches Jesus’ shoulder to indicate that he gets his strength from the Master. Today, Christians are the most persecuted people in the entire world. Yet many of us stand idly by as we are mocked and persecuted for what we know to be true. As true Christians, we must not fear to speak the truth, even if it means we have to stand alone in the world. What does the title of the painting mean? “Via Dolorosa” are the Latin words for “Way of Suffering” and is the name for the traditional road in which Christ carried his cross to Calvary.

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