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Healing In His Wings 10x15 OE - Litho Print

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    "This painting is based on the words of Isaiah where he said that the Messiah would come with "healing in His wings". I imagined the Savior at the beginning of His ministry. He walks through a busy open marketplace. People are coming and going about their business and most have no idea what is about to happen. A humble poor man falls down at the Master . feet. He could be a beggar or perhaps he knows Jesus has the power to heal him. Some of the crowd stops out of curiosity. What is he doing? Who is this man? What would you have thought if you were a witness to such a scene? Would you have stopped or kept walking? As I painted this picture I thought to myself, ;Would I have recognized the Son of God when I saw him? As you look at the many people surrounding the Christ, ask yourself which of the figures would most represent what your reaction would be if you were living at this time when Jesus was on the earth."

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